The study of virology deals with all types of viruses and virus-like agents, including (but not limited to) their nomenclature, disease-producing properties, development and genetics. In order to prevent the multiplication of these disease causing viruses, it is vital to research & formulate medicines to sustain human life

Nissor Pharmaceuticals offers top-grade medicines for a wide variety of viral infections (that includes respiratory viruses, herpes viruses, measles, chickenpox, rabies, enteroviruses, and many others), chronic disease (HIV, HCV, and HBV), and the viral infection/reactivation in transplant and other weak-immune patients (such as CMV, EBV, and BK).

As a leading virology medicine supplier, Nissor is focused on addressing the unmet medicinal needs of patients with severe chronic viral disease and various other related illnesses caused due to virus growth. We focus our bring new effective medicines to curtail hepatitis B and C, and HIV/AIDS, where we look for major improvements in treatment rates, survival and enhancing quality of life.

Moreover, Nissor Pharmaceuticals has long been a leader in developing pioneering HIV/AIDS medicines and its treatments and will prolong to make research of HIV/AIDS, a priority.We allocate considerable R&D resources in formulating various new medicines and treatments in the international fight to stop HIV/AIDS.

By offering best virology medicines in India, we are exploring new ways to attack the life-threatening virus and new ways to help make cure simpler for patients in future.

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