Cancer is caused due to “unaccounted” tissue growth that leads to the formation of life-threatening lumps or tumors. Oncology treatment
(anti-cancer treatment) thus involves curbing the intensification of these cancerous cells and might entail one or several of these cancer-removal therapies.

Keeping this in mind, Nissor Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering pioneering range of oncology medicines
for alleviating cancer. Our pipeline in oncology is strong, with many new anti-cancer compounds in ongoing development process.
They are also diverse, reflecting an array of modalities and research programs.

Being one of the leading suppliers of medicines formulated to treat cancer, Nissor Pharmaceuticals cover wide array of oncology medication
that comprise of capsules, tablets, injections, tonics and ointments. These medicinal drugs are used highly in surgery, chemotherapy,
immunotherapy & hormone therapy.

The manufacturing of oncology medicines in India are done in accordance to the precise type of therapy required. The formulations and their
strengths vary accordingly. Each oncology medicine is carefully scrutinized and clinically tested, in compliance with the central drug
manufacturing standards. Similar to other formulations, Nissor make sure all cancer drugs are prepared in stringent hygienic conditions.
In addition, we uphold cleanliness in line with the international standards.

We, at, Nissor Pharmaceuticals never compromise on quality since we consider caring for cancer patients is of high importance and outdo any
other prerogatives.