Nobody likes getting trapped in bed due to sickness. A sore throat, thumping head and painful body are all signs of looming doom. Distressed to feel better, many of us walk to the doctor in hopes of some therapeutic relief. In simple words, we want an antibiotic!

At Nissor Pharmaceuticals, we offer best antibiotic medicines that are formulated to battle any bacterial infections, or cure some serious ailments. Our antibiotics function by blocking critical processes in bacteria, killing the microbes, or curbing them from multiplying further. This helps the body’s innate immune system to battle the bacterial infection without any major side effects.

Nissor’s antibiotic medicines are also used to treat many other infections caused by bacteria, that includes skin infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), bone and joint infections, vaginal infections, malaria, dengue and pneumonia.

Being the leading antibiotic medicine suppliers, we ensure that the patients undergo speedy recovery without any possible side effects. All the medicinal drugs are laboratory tested & are 100% safe for consumption upon doctor’s prescription.