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Researching the Future

Over the last decade, we have formulated some of the most well known life threatening illness medications in the country.

We are heavily invested in the formulation of new medications that will aid in saving human lives.

We are also heavily invested in the research, development and regular formulation of life improving supplements for men and women.

Committed to creating a better future through sound research and development of pharmaceuticals and supplements that do not only support human life, but enhance it.

Our Areas of Work


Cardiology is a specialised branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart and parts of the circulatory system. Being one of the foremost cardiology medicine suppliers in India, we offer a range of medicinces for the treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, high cholesterol, blood clots, hypertension, valvular heart disease and so on.

At Nissor Pharmaceuticals, we carre out extensive research and development of highly effective cardiovascular medicines for patients across the nation.

By keeping track of the most up to date developments, our team has been processing our formulations using the most premium grade compounds and sophisticated technology in agreement with the industry norms. In addition to this, our medications are praised amongst our patients for their benefits and results.


Nephrology is a specialt field of medicine that deals with the study of kidney functions, the treatment of kidney problems and renal replacement thearpy (dialysis and kidney transplantation).

To support the growing need of treatment in this field, we at Nissor Pharmaceuticals have formulated medications that are accredited for their perfect composition, purity, long shelf life and no major side effects. The medications come in tablet and injectable forms.

We abide by our commitment to patients with kidney diseases, working to improve the safety, quality and delivery of such medications.


Neurology deals with the advanced treatment of diseases which affect the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles and autonomic nervous system. It also studies blood vessels that relate to these subjects.

We at Nissor offer a wide range of outstanding neurology medicines to treat patients suffering from a variety of disorders including acute headaches, stroke, seizures, sclerosis, dystonia, muscular dystrophy, peripheral nerve disease, learning disorders, traumatic injuries to the nervous system, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Supported by a specialised team of neurology experts, we supply a wide range of injectables and tablets. We are India’s top Neurology medication suppliers, offering the highest quality in economic prices.


The medicinal field of Haematology deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of blood disorders ranging from anaemia to blood cancer.

As a leading haematology medication supplier in ndia, we offer an extensive reange of the best medicines that aid in treating serious blood related problems in patients.

We focus on treating irond eficiencies, polycythemia, myelofibrosis, leukemia, platelet and bleeding disorders, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloma, malignant lymphomas and more.

All our medicines are manufactured in technically superior and fully mechanised processing units.


We offer an extensive range of cosmetology medicines that have proven to be a major part of many Indians’ skin care routine, making us one of the leading cosmetology medicine manufacturers in the country.

We offer high grade medicinal drugs that enhance aesthetic appearance through skin and skin condition treatment such as acne, scars, slopiness, wrinkles, dark moles, liver spots, cellulite, spider veins, tanned skin and discoloration.

Our range of cosmetology drugs have been appreciated widely in the fields of dermatology, reconstructive and plastic surgery. These medicinces are utilised in both surgical procedures and non surgical procedures.

Our signature skin lightening formulation- NisGlow, an effercescent acetyl tablet promotes skin fairness and makes the skin appear younger. It has been formulated especially for the Indian skin type.


From sore throars to pain in the body, we tend to seek a doctor’s help for relief. In some cases, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics!

At Nissor, we formulate antibiotics that battle any form of bacterial infections and cure serious seasonal ailments. Our antibodies function by blocking crticial processes in bacteria, killing innate immune system to battle the bacterial infetion without any major side effects.

Our antibiotics are used to effectively treat skin infections, urinary tract infections, bone and joint infections, vaginal infections, malaria, dengue and pneumonia.


The study of Virology pertains to all viruses and virus like agents. The prevention of multiplication of such viruses is essential for the improvement of human lives.

We at Nissor have developed a wide variety of medications for viral infections including respiratory viruses, herpes, measles, chickenpox, rabies, HIV, HCV, HBV and more.

As a leading Virology medicine supplier, we focus on addressing the unmet medicinal needs of patients with severe chronic viral diseases. A large part of our resources is dedicated for the research and formulation of medications for HIV/AIDS.

We constantly explore new ways of attacking life threatening viruses to make treatment of infections simpler and quicker.


Cancer is caused due to unaccounted tissue growth that leads to the formation of life threatening lumps or tumors. Oncology treatments involve curbing the intensification of these cancerous cells and may entail one or numerous cancer removal therapies.

Keeping this in mind, Nissor is dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering a range of Oncology medicines for alleviating cancer. Our pipeline in Oncology is strong, with many new anti cancer compounds in on going development process.

They are also diverse, reflecting an array of modalities and research programs.

Being one of the leading suppliers of medicines that treat cancer, we cover a wide range including injectables, tablets, tonics and ointments. These are used widely in all stages of treatment including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

Each one of our medications is formulated and regulated by strict official guidelines.

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Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world today, which is capable of lightening the skins complexion and prevents signs of ageing.
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